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Freediving Siquijor
Siquijor Visaya, Barangay, Maite Philippines
Siquijor Island Freediving Center.

My adventure with diving started long time ago, at the times holidays meant “all inclusive” for me. That time I went to Egypt and took the first dive. As total beginner I was not aware of safety rules or technique. They charged me 200$ for three dives, gave wetsuit with three times more holes than it should have and I even do not want to think about the quality of other equipment I was using. My first dives were not so deep, 6-8 meters I suppose, but diving instructor didn’t even mention it was necessary to equalize the pressure. Today when I think about that adventure I am literally shaking. That’s life… We all learn (or at least should) from out mistakes. In my case there were many of them, unfortunately. I remember my underwater communication with the instructor in Egypt, when I tried to show him my head was about to explode. His only reaction was going up and he kept diving with me, showing beautiful “Nemos” around. I didn’t care about the beauty of underwater world. Actually the only sensation was pressure in my head and desire to leave the water.