Elements of a Press Release that Philippine Businesses Should Know

Press release submission in the Philippines has been thought to be an art of the past by many people who are starting small businesses, this is completely false.  The press release is still alive and breathing.  With this being true it is important that you learn how to craft a winning press release.  If you have other people working with you, at least one other person should learn with you too.  Here are the top five elements of a press release.

A Press Release Must Be Newsworthy

The whole point to crafting a press release is to give the news information on something that is worth being on the news.  As such, your press release must be worth being news.  We repeated worth being on the news because so many people try to put non-newsworthy press releases out there.    A good idea is to ask yourself if the topic you are writing on is something that you would expect to (and want to) read on the news.  Here are some topics that are considered newsworthy:

  • A new product, especially a revolutionary one
  • A major update to a product that makes it revolutionary
  • Announcing sales that broke records and/or expectations
  • Announcements of alliances, joint developments, buyouts, or mergings

Released Rapidly

Your press release must be released rapidly so that it comes out as soon as possible.  For example, there is no point in releasing a press release a year after a product was put on the market.  There are also certain times and days of the week that you should send out your press release.  Friday through Monday are times that you DON’T want to send out a press release.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best days to send out a press release.

Most news articles are written in the morning.  That means that you shouldn’t send your press release at the end of the day.  A great idea is to write your press release on Monday and then send it before 10:00 AM on Tuesday.

With all of that in mind, there is one more thing that must be considered when timing the release of your press release, your competitors.  If your competitor is releasing news or a new product on the same day, it is best to change the launch day or change when you sent in the press release.  This is especially true with startups.  The only time where you might send the press release in still is when your product announcement is bigger.

Quotes Are A Requirement

Press releases tend to be filled with an information overload, because of this, it is required that you add a human element to it.  There is at least one human element required, a quote.  Quotes can be from anywhere that is related to your product, the CEO, The CIO, a PR professional, a customer, or a major reviewer.  While all that is required is one quote, having multiple worked into the press release gives the media options to choose from.

Information is The Priority

You might view your press release as a tool to sell your product but that isn’t what the news is looking for.  A press release is just looking for a write up that gives them all of the information they need to create a newsworthy story.  At this point, all you are looking to do is raise awareness of your product, not sell it.  Having the customers aware that your product exists will help sell and if you include information that your customers like that will help too.

Your Headline Must Attract

Every journalist and press outlet receives many press releases each day.  Unless your headline catches their eye, it will end up in the ignore pile.  This isn’t because it means that your press release is bad, it is because they only have time to read the headline of every press release that they receive.  Specific, quantifiable, and informative are three requirements for press release headlines.  It also helps to make them straight to the point.

When crafting a press release you must follow these 5 elements of a press release.  To help you and your company write better press releases you can review the AP Style formatting.  You can find more information on that formatting in the AP Style Guide or through free templates online.  Get out there and sell!