Fil Press Release – PR Submission With Social Media Integration

Crafting the perfect press release submission in the Philippines can be hard.  You need to create a document that sells your newsworthy business event to a reported without actually selling your event or product.  For many people this can be hard.  Fil Press Release is here to help.  On the Fil Press Release blog you can find a wide variety of resources to help you craft the perfect press release for the Philippines.

The blog features articles from how to format a press release to unique differences between different types of press releases.  When it comes time to write your press release take a look at our different articles and you will find that the process becomes a lot easier.  You will be able to quickly produce that next press release and breathe easier because it was done right.

Now, once you have crafted a press release the job isn’t done.  The press release doesn’t magically find its way into the hands of media outlets.  You have to complete a process which is called press release distribution or press release submission.  No matter which name you call it by this is a process that is performed around the world, not just in the Philippines.

The process of submission sounds easy in theory.  You send your press release into a variety of media outlets that you find through Google.  These media outlets read it, and then decide if they want to write about your press release.  While this sounds easy, it typically isn’t.

Many media outlets have specific contact procedures for receiving press releases.  They will have physical addresses in the Philippines or email addresses.  Finding these won’t be as simple as using the generic contact information on their website.  Sometimes websites will have a page just for press releases, other times you will need to contact the agency to find out how to submit a press release the proper way.

To make this process easier you can hire a Philippines press release company like Fil Press Release that was created to make the process of distributing press releases easier.  Press release companies like this have databases of contact and formatting information for the various press agencies out there.  That means that as long as the media outlets you want are in their databases, they don’t need to do any of the research that you would have to do.  This can significantly speed up the process and make it easier for you.

One of the things that makes Fil Press Release different from other Philippines press release companies and press release companies around the world, is the social media integration.  Fil Press Release takes every press release that is sent out and posts it on their Facebook and Twitter pages.  Both of which are constantly growing in views and likes.

This social media integration means that your press release will gain extra attention.  Fil Press Release’s pages are regularly visited by media outlets both major and small.  That means that they see your press release in addition to the ones that you sent it to and they might opt to craft an article about it.  This is one reason why having a catchy headline is so important, that will be the first thing they see when they see your press release on social media.  Once your press release has been on the Fil Press Release’s social media for a while it also becomes searchable.  That means that when people search your companies name they will be able to see your website and your press release will also come up, gaining you extra attention.

All Fil Press Release clients have the right to opt not to use our social media integration feature but it is highly recommended that you do.  If you don’t use the social media feature, you will be losing out on some of the potential for your press release.

Contact Fil Press Release today to get your press release sent to various media outlets in the Philippines and around the world without any work from you.  The staff at Fil Press Release will make sure that you are well taken care of.  And if you have any questions please, do not hesitate to contact Fil Press Release to have them answered.