How To Write A Press Release – General Discussion

Every day people from a variety of different types of companies search how to write a press release.  There are many things they teach most people in school but not every school will teach you to create a press release submission in the Philippines.  Today we are going to have an open discussion about creating press releases and how to write them including the formatting.  We also provided a press release example. Read below to craft the perfect Philippines press release.

Tailor To Your Audience

While a perfect press release might be used in whole when put into the media, for the most part you are writing to catch the attention of a press outlet.  You aren’t writing to sell your product.  Make sure that you are including facts, statistics, but also what your product is, what your company is about, and the likes.  An outstanding press release gives all of the information needed along with two, or more quotes.  These quotes should be relevant to your product experience.  They can be a quote from a customer, the CEO, the product development team, or testers.

You can also tailor the audience that you send your press releases to.  While there are some media outlets that focus on just general news, there are many that focus on specific industries or areas.  If you send your press release to any industry specific media outlet, tailor it to use content that is specific to that industry.

Craft A Catchy Headline

One of the most important parts of any Philippines press release is the headline.  Crafting a creative headline that catches attention means that your press release won’t find itself in the garbage bin.  Just like you learned in school, most of the people who read your press release will set it down if they aren’t impressed with the headline.

After the headline you should also have a crafty subline.  This subline should add to the headline without repeating anything.  It is your chance to add a little bit of emphasis to your headline without someone having to read a whole paragraph.  Make sure to keep both the headline and the subline short, simple, and yet stunning.

Highlight the Reason For A Press Release

When we say highlight, we don’t mean literally take a highlighter to the paper.  A good press release subtly highlights what is big about the announcement you are releasing.  It does this without sounding like you are selling the product.  Remember, your purpose is not to sell your product or business.  You want to inform the public of a newsworthy happening with your business.

Format It All Properly

Formatting is key to any Philippines press release.  You want to make sure that each piece of the release is in the correct spot and looks the way it is supposed to.  For the most part you want to follow the formatting standards that you were taught in school.  That means that the document should be double spaced with a standard font (Times New Roman or Calibri preferably).  The font that you use should be kept at 11 or 12-points.  Both of these steps help to improve the readability of your document.

Your company name, a PR representative’s name, contact information, and a FOR RELEASE section should all be contained in the header.  While the for release section isn’t necessary, it helps the media outlets to know when you plan to release the news of your product or business.  Following both of these sections is the headline and subline and finally the body of the content.

If you have any question about the exact formatting, you can always look in one of the many style guides.  Two of the major style guides are the MLA handbook and the APA handbook.  Both of them are available in print and online.

Include Product Images

You can enrich your press release with product images.  These images can be included inline with the rest of the content for your press release.  These product images should be very illustrative as to add additional benefit to your content.  Also, you should include media ready copies of the images in the press release.

Crafting a press release means more than just writing up a little blurb about your business.  You are putting in work to make your product or business sound newsworthy.  It takes some effort but once you are done you will have a piece that will help you promote your business without sounding promotional.