What Is A Press Release?

If you are working for a business that is releasing a new product or starting a new business, chances are that you have heard the term press release submission in the Philippines.  If this is your first time at a launch, you will be left with questions and not knowing exactly what the term is.  Let’s find out what a press release is.

The short and simple is that a press release is a document that is drafted up to inform media outlets in the Philippines and around the world about something noteworthy from your organization.  For those who have studied communications or market though, you know that a press release is much more than that.  A press release has multiple functions that will help your business get noticed.

A press release sells your company or product without actually selling it.  When you craft a press release you are creating a document that will be sent to the media to use when they craft an article or story about whatever you are sending in.

Who Writes A Press Release?

In large businesses or big companies, a public relations or marketing official will draft a press release.  People in these positions tend to already have the training required to craft such a release.  However, in a startup, small business, or single person business, other people may find themselves writing a press release.  There is no official requirement from the Philippines press or from elsewhere for a specific person to write the release.

If you have never written a press release before though, it might be helpful for you to research how to write one.  We have plenty of articles that will help you through the process.  It also never hurts to have a coworker or friend read over the release for grammatical clarity.

How To Write A Press Release

While writing a press release might sound like a daunting task, it is actually relatively easy.  When writing a press release you want to talk in the third person, creating a story that captivates and sounds newsworthy.  You want to answer all of the typical journalistic questions of who, what, where, when, why, and how.

Formatting a press release is very similar to how you would format your papers for school.  It should be double spaced and in a standard font.  Times New Roman is the best option.  You start the document with a header that identifies your business on the left and the release date on the right.  After that you have a bolded headline followed by a subline.

It is best to keep press releases to one to two pages.  You want the document to get straight to the point.  While still making it sound newsworthy.  Remember that someone at the media outlet has to read the release so the shorter it is, the more likely it is to be read.  Making the headline even more catchy so to get the release read.

What Is A Press Kit?

A press kit is when a press release is sent out with supporting documents and media.  It is used when you have a really important announcement or have the money to invest in something more.  A press kit can include any number of things, including: a longer document, product specifications, a list of reviews, a list of quotes, graphics, and other supporting media.  Creating a press release obviously means that you will spend more time preparing the documents.

Some companies opt to keep a press kit on hand incase contacted by the media or incase the media is browsing their website.  These standardized press kits have a basic press release along with information on the company with them.  It also holds copies of the company logo and images.  Most websites provide a press kit digitally on their websites.

When it comes to producing a Philippines press release you will spend a lot of time creating the perfect piece.  Hopefully with this article you will be better set in the basic principles of a press release and that will help you save at least a little bit of time.  Good luck on selling your product or raising awareness to your business.