How To Write A Press Release For A New Business

Starting a new business means that you have little to no publicity when you start out.  That doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way though.  Press release submission in the Philippines can help you to get noticed.  Around the world, press releases are used to let the world know of noteworthy events from an organization.  Utilizing a press release can be your best route to getting noticed in the Philippines.  Here is how to write one for your new business.

Craft A Catchy Headline

One of the hardest parts of crafting a press release is creating a headline that stands out.  Because the media outlets have never heard of your business before, it makes crafting the headline even more important.  Your name will not hold the weight yet that others crafting press release do.  There are a variety of tools on the internet to help you write a perfect headline.

Think of your headline as an initial pitch.  It is followed with a short subline that further sells your new business.  In the headline and subline, you should make it completely clear why your business is newsworthy, what it can do for customers, and what it is all about.  You can change your headline and subline depending on who you are sending the outlet to but make sure that every headline is just as good as the next.  The media world is connected and you never know when they will get ahold of your other copies.

Target Appropriate Media Outlets

There are a wide variety of media outlets out there and while some of them focus on the news, others focus on specific industries or topics.  Picking the right media outlets for your press release will give you a much better chance of getting your Philippines release read and put in the press.  Spamming other media outlets will also get around and make your press release less attractive.

Custom tailoring your press release to the media outlet will also help to ensure that your press release gets picked.  For general press outlets make sure that your press release is something that everyone will want to read.  If you send your press release to any industry specific press agencies then you will want to use industry terms, and make the release attractive to someone in that industry.

Format The Press Release Properly

Formatting for press releases is fairly standardized around the world.  Most of the major formatting agencies will have a standard for formatting for your press releases.  If you have questions after you read this, reference the MLA and APA manuals.  But we have provided some of the most important standards for your press release.

A press release in the Philippines and around the world follows the same standard of writing that most people learn at school.  You will want to make sure that you use a 12 or 11-point standard font (Times New Roman, Sans Serif, Calibri) and that it is double spaced.  This is to help make it easy for everyone to read.

As for what text to actually use, you should start by creating a header space that has your company name, logo, and contact information.  Across from your contact information you have the option to place a for release date.  This for release date should be in all capitals and include the words FOR RELEASE ON.  After the header section comes your headline.

Edit Thoroughly

You will want to edit your press release thoroughly.  Every mistake in the article will look poorly upon your company and if there are too many mistakes then media outlets might put your release in the trash bin.  If you format and write your news release well enough, the media outlets will have most of their work already done for them.

Half of your job when creating a press release is making the release, the other half is selling the press release (and your newsworthy topic) to multiple people at a Philippines media outlet.  While the job may sound daunting, it is completely possible.  With these tips you can start to create the perfect press release to bring attention to your business.  Once that press release gets out there you can notice the business start to role in.